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Fall 2002 Newsletter

John Riordon ‘60, is looking forward to joining the retirement ranks with old time best friends Peter Brennan, Rob Morison and Bill Ward, all of class of 1960! Victor Darish ‘60, and his wife Joy continue to enjoy their recent return to Brookline. Weekends are spent with granddaughters in Sharon, MA. Nancy Schwartz ‘60, is a registered nurse currently working at Norwood Hospital. She is the mother of three sons and one daughter, and the grandmother to two darlings! Deena (Freedman) Huber ‘61, has diversified her private practice to include business consulting. Cynthia (Rosenberg) Cohen ‘61, reports that son Sheldon ‘81, and his wife Michelle have a son Kyle, 2, and a daughter born in June. Norman Spack ‘61, reports that his first grandchild, William Jacob Sneider was born 2/14/01 to daughter Rebecca ‘89! Michelle (Gaylord) Guild ‘62, is doing well! Linda (Liebman) Salett ‘62, and her husband will celebrate their 25th anniversary in September 2002. Leah Mogan ‘62, is selling real estate on Cape Cod. Husband Ed is a successful building contractor. They have two children, one a college graduate, the other a junior at the College of Charleston. Alan Swartz, MD ‘62, is well and still practicing pediatrics in Miami. Laurence Miller, MD ‘62, and his wife Anne (Knopping) ‘64, have been living in Arkansas for the past 7 years. They have two children and one grandchild. Michael Sawyer ‘63, is the Director of Real Estate Law for the Stop and Shop Supermarket Company in Boston. He and his wife, Barbara, are enjoying their first grandchild. David Aronson ‘63, reports that son, Todd, graduated from Ithaca College in May. David Felder ‘63, and his wife Judy are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this summer. Ken Scola ‘62 and his wife Marilyn Scola ‘64 are living in Wayland, MA. He is the President of K&S Advertising and she is a teacher in Wayland. Linda Bentley ‘64, and her husband Bruce live in Sherborn, MA. She works as a health lawyer in Boston. Richard Moskovitz ‘65, reports that the second edition of his book, “Lost in the Mirror - An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorders” is still selling in its sixth year of publication! Laurel Steinberg ‘67, is married to Bill Berg with two children. She lives in Texas, and is hoping to return to landscape design one day soon. Sally Holland ‘68, became vice president for College Advancement at Middlebury College. Linda (Plutnick) Kaplan ‘69, has lived in the Chicago area for the past 36 years. She teaches ESL and her husband is in software sales. Deborah (Davidson) Halpern ‘69, has resided in Summit ,NJ for 19 years. She is the Patient Services Manager of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Summer 2001 Newsletter

Dorothy Carro Sperling ‘60, married Arnold Dorfman 6/30/01. Together they have 18 grandchildren with hopefully more to come! She just retired after 18 years with Bell System, AT&T. Ronald MacInnes ‘60, is managing partner and CEO of Chilmark Financial Services and RMM Associates, a mortgage servicing company. He has 2 daughters. John Lothrop ‘61, retired from 30 years of work as a probation officer in Brooklyn to the serenity of Maine. He lives in Belfast and cares for his 96 year old dad. He spends his time restoring his Queen Anne home, tending his flower gardens and road running conditioning. Jeanne Oshry Ashworth ‘61, reports that both sons are married and live close by. She lives in Andover, MA but still spends time in York, ME. Anyone in the area, please give a call! Virginia Jewell Rand ‘61, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 30 and have been in a power wheelchair for 6 years. She and husband Tom celebrated their 22nd anniversary this year. Richard Furash ‘62, celebrated the arrival of his first grandson, Alexander James Furash. He is retired from Deloitte Consulting to pursue private practice. Michelle Gaylord Guild ‘62, is living in Andover, MA. Patricia Braen Rideman ‘62, and husband Paul have lived in Wayland for over 30 years. They have 2 sons. Michael Davidson ‘62, is enjoying retirement and being the grandfather of twin girls! David Aronson ‘63, continues to play baseball and racquetball competitively. Daughter Danielle graduated from Clark University and son Todd is a junior at Ithaca College. Barry Stern MD ‘63, has been elected as one of the two state delegates to the National Congess of Family Physicians. Lucy Chin Alzamora ‘63, is working as a home health nurse in Florida. She enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and siblings. Lynn shoostine Bines ‘64, is an interior designer who has worked in the profession for over 30 years. She has 3 grandchildren. Jennifer Barber Goldenson ‘64, reports that daughter Naomi was named National Merit Finalist. She will be attending Wesleyan University in September 2001. Bruce Ambuter ‘64, resides on Cape Cod and is involved with electronics consulting. His daughter Maura is a first year student at Smith College. Jeri Gray-Bennett ‘64, is still at Warner Bros. Television and living in sunny California. Edward “Ned” Merrick ‘64, left Brookline Police in 1994 to accept a position as Chief of Police for Plainville, Ma Police Department. He and his wife Donna Leone ‘75, have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Sally Weinberger Weiner ‘64, and husband Jim still reside in Westwood. Oldest son is a first year resident and youngest works as a computer analyst as Goldman-Sachs in NYC. Samuel Heilman ‘64, is the author of the book, When A Jew Dies. This book explains the the Jewish practices of death and mourning. Samuel and his wife Ellen have 4 sons. Stuart Green ‘66, was appointed chairman, Dept. of Opthamology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical school. Ron Solomon ‘66, and wife Lori will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this July. Oldest son David will be entering 8th grade this fall and younger son Aaron will be starting 1st grade. Paula Abrams-Wilson ‘66, is a professional harpist in San Francisco. she performs regularly at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for afternoon tea. She has a harp and classical guitar duo with her husband Gary. Betsy Sanders ‘65, is living in Norfolk, VA with her 2 sons. She works as a medical social worker with a specialty in hospice care. Betsy Freedman ‘65, is happily married to Dr. Malcolm Freedman of Princeton, NJ. They have 3 grandchildren between them. Dr. Suzan Jaffee ‘68, is living in Florida. Elliot Driben ‘68, has retired after 31 years at John Hancock. Eileen Mltzer ‘68, is a nurse practitioner who manages the planned parenthood clinic in Kingston, NY. She is married with a daughter in High School. Jim Austin ‘69, formed his own small software company after 12 years with Baxter. He develops business software for professional services firms. Alan Cantor ‘69, is living in Ashland, MA with his wife Nancy and 4 children. He is the General Manager of a personal consulting company called Contegrity Program Designs. Nancy Sheehan ‘69, and her husband have operated a medical supply business on Cape Cod for 25 years. They have 3 sons. James Popkin ‘69, has been married for 20 years. He has a daughter Stacey who is teaching in the Sharon school system. James has been a public insurance adjuster for over 28 years. Jakki Kouffman Sperber ‘69, recently moved to Santa Fe where she exhibits her paintings at Ventana Fine Art. Her husband, Jonathan Sperber ‘67, was recently admitted to the New Mexico bar.

Fall 2000 Newsletter

Carol Flato '60, reports that she is single again after 18 years of marriage and is accepting the challenge and simplifying her life. Her mom is still living and will turn 100 this fall. Dr. Marjorie (Nathanson) Keeler '60, reports that her husband Ted will be serving as vice chair of the Economics Department at UC Berkeley. Son Daniel is a junior in high school, and is wrestling with college decisions. Marjorie will be president-elect of the C.G. Jung Institute in San Fransisco for the next two years, then president for two years. Myrna (Kramer) Goran '60, has two grandsons and another on the way. Her husband Dick passed away suddenly in June of 1999. He attended Brookline schools and would have graduated in the Class of '60 but went to private school his last year of high school. John Riordan '60, is still teaching physical education and is the head football coach at Milton High School. Alan Rachins '60, reports that his son Robbie just started his freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania. Alan continues to love playing Larry on the ABC show, Dharma and Gregg. Joseph Felder '60, earned a Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA in 1978. He has been a professor of economics at Bradley University since 1981 and was recently selected to be the faculty ombudsman. His e-mail address is felder@ Karen Grove '60, is the fund developer for a shelter for battered women in Maine. She is a literacy tutor, president of the Camden Rotary Club and active in a number of town government committees. Beth (Paul) Milham '60, has been married for 36 years to Russ Milham of Foxboro. She is an RN, working in a methadone maintenance clinic. She has also worked in acute care and taught nursing. They have two sons, Russell and Edward. Beth and Russ, a counselor at Bristol Community College, are deeply involved with the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. Eric Wolfson '60, is recovering from a stroke and looking forward to his son's senior year at Natick High, and the impending college search. Ellen Donahue '60, is still teaching Spanish at Rockland High School. She is the department chair. Diane A. Luff '61, is semi-retired and works as a group transportation manager for a corporate incentive and group travel corporation. She lives in Boca Raton, FL and loves to travel. Jean (Macaulay) MacNeill '61, is an RN working at Bayview Assisted Living in South Boston. She is married to Lewis Anderson. They are grandparents of 10, including twin one-year-old girls. Wayne Allen '61, and his wife Jackie traveled to China in 1998 where they adopted a daughter Guo Zhi Han. She is now a happy three-year-old. Barry Stern, MD '63, reports that his son Joshua was on the deck as a coach at the 2000 Olympics with the US swim team. Youngest son James just transferred to Tulane University. Eleanor "Ellie" (Blackstone) Halperin '62, became a grandmother for the first time, Her daughter had a baby boy in July. Her husband has written two great books, and they are looking for a publisher or agent (any alums out there?). Charles (Chick) Gilman '62, has moved his office to New York Life. You can see him at www.chickg. com. Herb Paine '63, relocated to Phoenix after 25 years in the San Francisco Bay area. He is now in his 11th year as president of Paine Consulting Services. Audrey (Feldman) Seyffert '64, is happily married to Ronald. They have five children and three grandchildren. She is the assistant superintendent for pupil services in Natick. She is also an associate professor and program advisor to the graduate program in special ed at Framingham State College. Linda (Sargon) Bentley '64, is working for a Boston law firm where she focuses on reimbursement issues faced by biotech and medical device companies. Son Jonathan just graduated from Lake Forest College and daughter Joy is married and living near Washington, D.C., where she works for an international development organization. Helen (Bauer) Shamsi '64, moved back to Brookline in August of 1999. She asks, "Does anyone know what ever happened to Leslie Borland '64?" Ralph Nesson '64, continues to administer the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, and to enjoy the beauty of the Ozark Mountains. Daughter Chava was recently married, son Liam is in graduate school and son Ben is a rafting guide. Ralph loves to sail on the weekends. Jo "JoAnn" (Fine) Green '65, has been married to Mel Green for 26 years. He is from South Africa and emigrated to the USA in 1971. They have two sons, Seth a graduate of Middlebury College and Jesse, a sophomore at Harvard. Jo is a graphic designer. Jeffery Brine '66, is an assistant vice president and senior counsel at Lincoln National Life Insurance in Hartford, CT. His wife Susan is a realtor. They have two daughters, Allison, who got her graduate degree from UPenn, and Jennifer, an optics engineer. Candace "Candy" (Slavin) Frankel '66, and her husband Ken hosted alumni friends and '66 classmates Karen (Hyler) Mosher and Connie Dinnor this summer. Husband Ken visited Maxene (Meisterman) Lorraway '66 in Sydney, Australia this spring. Their daughter Mindy is a sophomore at BHS. Celine (Murphy) Hardy '67, has been living on Cape Cod for more than 25 years. She is currently employed as a nursing supervisor for the Sandwich Public Schools. She has two sons, and has been married to Bob Hardy for 29 years. Gail Kass '68, and her partner Susan Horowitz adopted their two-year-old daughter last year. They have Susan's 92-year-old dad living with them, as well as a dog and three cats. Gail and Susan are still running their pottery studio. Gail's three sisters are doing well; Faye '66 is in Vermont and is a grandmother; Paula '73, lives in Israel with her husband and three children; and Marilyn '76, is running a successful ad agency. Ellen Shapiro '68, became the director of automotive fuels for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. In her spare time, she plays bluegrass music. Richard Rezendes '68, passed away after a three-year battle with colon cancer on August 19th, 1999. He leaves behind four children, three grandchildren, and wife, Teresa J. Rezendes. Teresa tells us that "Rick was so proud of attending and graduating from BHS. He always spoke highly of the teachers, classes, the many activities available and the friends he made." Our condolences to his family and friends. Deborah (Davidson) Halpern '69, has lived in Summit, NJ for 18 years. She is the patient services manager for the Northern New Jersey chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Her husband Steve is a pediatric oncologist and they have two daughters, Beverly, a freshman at Wesleyan, and Dana, a seventh grader. Peter Oberton '69, is employed by the Mass SPCA Police and holds the rank of sergeant. He is also director of the New England Animal Control Humane Academy. He has been married to wife Rosemary since 1971. Alan Funk '69, reports that his oldest son, Asher, will be attending Michigan State this year. Youngest son, Jordan, will be a senior in high school, and wants to go to college in Boston. Alan is director of business development and marketing for Total Employee Assistance and Management. Margo Wyckoff '69, will be getting her MBA from Emory after a 20-year career in the consumer catalogue business. She lives in Atlanta with her two dogs, Jack and Arnie.

Spring 2000 Newsletter

Leonard Magazine '60, says he is living happily ever after. He plans to visit classmate Peter Goldfarb's White Swan Guest House. Eric Wolfson '60, is recuperating and undergoing physical therapy after his third stroke and open heart quad-bypass surgery. He recently celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary. Cliff Adelman '60, and Nancy (Kilpatrick) Adelman '61, continue to make their contributions to education. He works at the US Department of Education and she works at SRI International (a consulting and evaluation firm). They have two sons, Jonathan, 28 and Nick, 22. Harris Fleishman '60, reports that his daughter Mara was recently married. Harvey Harrison '60, was inducted last year into the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame. He is currently ranked #2 in the 50+ division of New England doubles tennis. He has five children and has been married to his second wife, Janis Baron, for six years. Christine (Carroll) Joseph '60, and husband Robert celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in France. They have lived in Winchester for 24 years with daughters Amie and Molly. They enjoy getaways to their Cape home in Brewster with their Golden Retrievers Winni and Ginny. Karen (Tanzer) Zoller '60, celebrated the millennium new year with BHS classmates Bonnie (Barr) Selley and Cynthia (Miller) Grenham and husbands. Susan (Gerson) Margulies '60, spent the Millenium celebration on Cape Cod with her sister Greta Gordon '52, and lots of family and friends at Camp Bournedale, owned by her brother Arnie Gerson '56. Anita Kravetz Jamieson '60, is retiring from educational administration to spend more time with her husband and guardian daughter, Grace Chan who is seven. Anita has created a memory box of "penny candy" with a picture of Irving's store (across from Kehilleth Israel on Harvard Street) on the cover. She says to stop by at Irving's and pick one up today! Leon and Judith (Seidel) Jacobson '60, are living in New York City. He is a lawyer and she is an epidemiologist Their15-year-old cat Puff still lives at home. Son Alex is a software developer and Matt is working in Tokyo. Laurence Koplan '60, has been married to Beverly (Berger) Koplan '64, for 33 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. Laurence is the president of Marlboro Footworks, Ltd. Jeanne (Oshry) Ashworth '61, enjoys golfing in Maine. She has one married son and another who is getting married this fall. Anne (Goldberg) Lipnick '61, has lived in Alexandria, VA, for 20 years, but says her heart is still in New England. Her daughter is a college senior and her son is a high school senior. She and her husband love to travel, and one of her favorite destinations is her brother, Chuck Goldberg '51, who is "happily playing" in his retirement. Dr. Norman Spack '61, immediate past chairman of the Board of Directors at Hebrew College, and graduate of its Prozdor High School, was honored by the college in April. Patricia (Lakin) Koenigsberg '61, is a children's book writer and will publish five new books between 200-2001 and 2002. Elizabeth Biller Chapman '61, reports that her first full-length book of poetry, called "First Orchard," was published in June 1999. Ruth Dorfman '62, reports that her son David Alan Dorfman '84, was awarded the 1999 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award by the New York State Bar Association. Alexander Woodle '62, is on a new career path as coordinator of the Circulating Library for the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Fellow researchers can reach him at awoodle@ Myron and Phyllis Fox '62, celebrated the recent wedding of their daughter. They live in Sudbury, MA. Other '62 grads at the wedding included Ralph Katz, Susan Hewman, Barbara Saperstein Friedman, Nancy Benson Berry, Peter Blumenthal and Peter Swartz, as well as upperclasspersons Arthur Fox '58, Lester Landers '58, Marcia Frank Landers '59, and Robert Rosenzweig '58, and underclasspersons Rayna Rosenzweig Rodnen '63, Elaine Landers Freedman' 63, Jerry Schaffer '65, Michael Akasian '75, Terri Akashian '79, and Joanne Rosenzweig Greene '76. Judy (Rosenbaum) Nugent '62, has remarried and moved to New Haven, CT. She harbors the improbable fantasy that her children will someday settle down in Brookline! Her daughter studies archeology in New Mexico and her son will soon join an Internet company in Vancouver. Charles Gilman '62, is still competing at tournament level tennis and will try out for a pitching spot on the Boston Park League Baseball Team. Ken Scola '62, recently moved his advertising agency, K&S Advertising, from downton Boston to Lexington Center. Sonna (Miller) Loewenthal '63, is still enjoying life in the South. She is still the assistant town manager of Chapel Hill. Her husband Norm is director of continuing education at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her daughter Lena is teaching and son Ethan is at Brown. Leonore (Kublin) Linsky '63, is a database manager for the Minuteman Library Network. Her daughter is graduating from Washington University and husband Robert Linsky '62, is executive vp at APT (Art Plus Technology). Bonnie (Cotton) Berman '63, has been married to Joel for 34 years. Their daughter Erica lives in Paris and son Gregg lives in Arlington. Jeri (Witten) Gray-Bennett '64, is director of administration at Warner Brothers Television in Burbank, CA. Tom Connelly '64, recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Nancy. They have two children, Tom II, 22 (named after his grandfather Tom Connelly, BHS '28), and Meredith, 17. Marilyn (Bart) Scola '64, is busy teaching kindergarten in Wayland, MA, She credits her kindergarten teacher at Devotion School, Mrs. Dinand, for the inspiration to teach. Jennifer (Barber) Goldenson '64, reports that she was able to see the BHS basketball team play in the holiday tournament at Mt. Lebanon High School. Richard Moskovitz, MD '65, reports that his new website can be found at Betsey Freedman-Freedman '65, has moved to Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband Malcolm, who has taken a position in psychiatry. They have a two-year-old granddaughter named Morgan. Madeline Fine '65, has been enjoying substitute teaching in art in the Brookline schools. Her 11-year-old daughter, Callista, made high honors at Heath. Ann (Goldstein) Pomerantz '65, has been married to husband Michael for over 32 years. They have lived in Atlanta for 30 years with their four children. She is still working as an ICU/CCRN nurse. Jonathan Miller '65, is living in Boulder. CO, and working as a lawyer, computer consultant and ski instructor. He and his wife have a 10-year-old son. Betty (Ansin) Smallwood '65, is working for the Center For Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C., as coordinator of school services for ESL and bilingual education. She and her husband John celebrated their 30th anniversary in July 1999 and son Jesse graduates from college this year. Laura (Druker) Simonds '66, married in 1974 and lived in Chestnut Hill for two years before moving to Connecticut. Her older daughter, 22, graduated from Syracuse with a degree in communication design. Her younger daughter is at Brandeis and is planning to be a rabbi. On January 1, 2000, Judy Naiman, Kathy (Gomberg) Casparian, Debby (Gomberg) Epstein and Loretta (Friedman) McGovern, all from the class of '67, kept their long-time pledge to meet on the steps of BHS at 2 pm. Debby (Gomberg) Epstein '67, reports that she went back to graduate school for her teaching credentials and now teaches art to high school students. Dan Pitt '67, inadvertently became a vp of Nortel Networks when Northern Telecom bought Bay Networks and changed its name. He still makes frequent business trips to Billerica from his home in Palo Alto, CA. Cheryl (Kriger) Goodman '68, is happily married to husband Mark. They have a 10-year-old son Garrett. Cheryl and Mark own New England's largest dating service: The Post Club in Newton. Discounts available for BHS grads! Mike Forbes '68, reports that his son Neil is a sophomore at West Point where he plays on the basketball team and maintains a 3.0 grade point average. Linda (Plotnick) Kaplan '69, has lived in the Chicago area since 1976. She and her husband Gene have been married for 25 years and they have one child. Rabbi Joey Wolf '69, writes that Professor Michael (Buzzy) Fishbane '60, Nathan Cummings Professor of Jewish Studies and chair of the Department of Jewish Studies, University of Chicago, spent a weekend in February at Joey's congregation. Havurah Shalom in Portland, OR, as scholar in residence, in honor of Joey's 13th year as their rabbi. Jakki (Kouffman) Sperber '69, lives in Juneau, Alaska and has been an exhibiting painter for 20 years, with galleries throughout Alaska. Her husband Jonathan Sperber, who attended BHS from '65 to '67, works as an attorney. Alberta (Sirota) Minkovitz '69, is a research associate with International Data Corp. for advertising analysis and industry analysis. She is also the skating program director for the Town of Framingham's Park and Recreation Department. Susan (Shnidman) Bardet '69, recently opened a solo law practice devoted to representing families of children who need special education due to disabilities. Congratulations to Harvey Cohen '69, who composed the orchestration and arrangements for the Billy Crystal opening medley at the recent 72nd annual Academy Awards.

Fall 1999 Newsletter

Joe Saloman '60, and his wife Sue, report the birth of their third grandchild, Victoria Lind Tucci, to their daughter Debra in September. Richard Sickels '60, became a grandfather of twin girls this past July. Diana (Berner) Shapero Seasonwein '60, is enjoying her private practice as a clinical social worker in Chevy Chase, MD and is a member of a national coalition to preserve insurance benefits for mental health. She and her husband Robert just celebrated their 10th anniversary. This is a second marriage for each; they have a blended family of three children, ages 25, 22 and 18. John Riordan '60, has been teaching and coaching football at Milton High for 26 years (10 years as head coach). He is looking towards retirement in three years. Pauline Dana-Bashian '60, has lived in New York City for 23 years and still loves it. She is a lawyer with her own practice, specializing in retirement plans and is the president of the Ease Side Democratic Club. Bunny (Sylvia Woods) Weitz '60, and her husband Michael Weitz '57, are happy to be back on the East Coast after 12 years in California and three years in Virginia. They have two daughters, one granddaughter ("the light of our lives") and another grandchild due in December. Bill Dain '60, has two children. Amy married Misha Dudnik this past June, and Daniel climbed Mt. Merapeak (21,000 fret) in Nepal this past May. Marlene (Melnick) Allen '61, and her husband Richard just moved to Arizona after 30 years in Maine. Their two daughters live in New York City and their son is a junior foreign service officer in Manila. Jane (Donahue) Eberwein '61, has lived in Michigan for the past 30 years. She enjoys reading about BHS. Norman Spack '61, reports that his daughter Rebecca Spack '89, got married to Arthur Sneider '88 this fall. Judith (Berenson) Braslow '62, is currently deputy director for policy, substance abuse and mental health services administration at the US Department of Health and Human Services. She'd love to hear from classmates, particularly those in Washington, D.C., or those planning a visit. Barbara (Booth) Christie '62, has two children and two grandchildren. Dr. Barry Stern '63, reports that his daughter Julie just graduated from medical school. His son Joshua is coaching the US Olympic swim team and Brown's swim ream. His son Jaime made the dean's list again at Simon's Rock College. Yona (Nelson) Shulman '63, is a psychologist currently living in New Jersey with husband Herb and two teen-age daughters "who are forging their own high school memories." Lois (Cohen) Factor '63, has been married for 35 years and has four grandchildren. Elinor (Stone) Ross '63, is the head tennis coach at Simmons College. Her son Peter works for Hasbro Toy Company and was married in October. Her son Matthew works at Gameivillecom. Lynn (Shoosrine) Bines '64, is a grandmother! Twin girls (Nicole and Kaley) were born in March. Mordecai (Mordy) Lightman '64, is a general dentist in private practice in San Diego. He is happily married to Esther and they have a son in elementary school. Mordy enjoys competitive outrigger canoe racing in the Pacific Ocean. Ralph Nesson '64, is living in Fayetteville, AR and administering the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. He is married to Kate Conway and has three kids-25, 22 and 18. He announces, "I'll be at the 35th reunion this Thanksgiving, Lord willing and the creek don't rise." Mark Helpin '64, and his wife Barb recently welcomed their first children-twin boys. Mark has been chairman of pediatric dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and chief of dentistry at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia since 1989. Barbara Soifer '64, is a jewelry designer and has been running the oldest jewelry store in Brookline: The Little Swiss House in Washington Square with her husband Robert Amaral. Jeffrey Borenstein '64, is reaching physics courses at Harvard Extension and operating his software company, Power Industries, Inc. Ben Isenberg '64, is enjoying "retirement" after having sold his business in 1995. He is a full-time volunteer with several non-profit organizations. He and his wife Janice have been married 30 years. and have two sons, Cliff, 26 and Craig, 24. Earl Gashin '64, reports his wife Elaine just received her Masters degree in Education. Their son Eric graduated from Bentley College and daughter Allison is attending George Washington University. Paul Levin '65, attended Western Reserve University and Columbia Law School. He and his wife raised their family in Cleveland, where Paul has held several legal positions. For the past 10 years, he has been VP, general counsel and secretary of REIT, First Union Real Estate Investments and is active in local civic affairs and his temple board. Paul is the proud father of two children-a son who graduated from Middlebury College and constructs Websites for CSC Consulting, and a daughter, who is a junior at Emory University. Paul reports that he is still a Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins fan. Janet (Nyhen) Kumar '65, is living in Cranston, RI, with her husband Omesh. Son Christopher, who is married, graduated from URI, and children Michael and Anne are attending URI. Dr. Richard Moskovirz '65, reports that his book, "Lost in the Mirror" has been well received during its first three years in print. For more information go to Laurie (Hoffman) Hart '66, is still farming. She was recently re-elected president of Congregation B'nai David in California. She has been married to Robert Hart, who she met in Israel, for 26 years. Their son David is a fellow at Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Candace Slavin Frankel '66, married husband Ken in 1970. They live in Virginia and have two children: Mitch, 23 and Mindy, 19. Candy has been teaching high school math for the past 24 years, but she can't wait to retire so she can "dig in the dirt." She says hello to the class of '66 and asks, "Remember Mrs. Brodie at Devotion?" Judy (Murphy) Dianne '66, reports that her three children (Garrett, a junior at George Mason University; and twins Caitlin, attending Manhattan College and Lauren, attending University of Hartford) all graduated from Wayland High School. She states she is proud of them because they never smoked, drank or used drugs-and they're nice people! Phil Geyer '68, recently changed careers from writing computer software to teaching at the local community college. His seven children, grandson and his wife Marilyn of 28 years, are all doing well. Richard Rezendes '68, is an HVAC and refrigeration technician at Exeter Health Resources, Inc. in Exeter, NH. He has four children and two grandchildren and is presently fighting colon cancer. Our thoughts are with him. Nancy Shapiro '68, is working in Brookline at the Cleveland Circle Assisted Living Community. Her son is in college and her daughter is at boarding school. Richard Michaelson '69, is a partner in Focused Healthcare Partners, an investment management company specializing in healthcare turnarounds. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Allyn and two children, David, 13 and Robyn, 10. Ruth Clare (Siegel) Feinson '69, has been in Washington, DC since 1978, where she is currently the project evaluator for a welfare-to-work program at the University of the District of Columbia. She'd love to hear from classmates living in or passing through the area. Diane (Shindler) Cosper '69, is living in the Baltimore/DC area and would love to hear from old classmates. (The following appeared in the newsletter as caption next to a photo) Jane Firth '66 (left), now living in Alpine, CA, and Mary (Honey) Connor Sand/son '66, from Braintree, MA successfully completed the Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon on June 19, 1999. They were participating as members of The Team in Training Program affiliated with The Leukemia Society of America. The 262-mile marathon took place in Anchorage, Alaska. More than 4.500 people participated in the event and $10 million was raised to he used for research and patient assistance programs for The Leukemia Society of America. Jane and Honey dedicated the race to the memory of Charlie Sandison, who died of cancer in 1993. Way to go, Honey and Jane!

Spring 1999 Newsletter

Lois (Paren) Isenberg '60, has been married 32 years. Her oldest son is 31 and is married with no children yet. Her middle daughter is 28 and lives in New York City. The "baby" is now 20 and a junior at the Syracuse School of Education. Lois just changed jobs and is working for Amex Financial Advisors. Husband David is still a rep. She's like to hear from old classmates. Marjorie Nathanson-Keeler '60, has just finished chairing a certifying committee and is glad to have more time to herself! Her son Daniel is almost 15 and husband Ted is just returning from a sabbatical to teaching at the University of California. Barbara (Katz) Wasserman '60, reports that after graduating from BU, she married Ted Wasserman, a radiologist, and settled in Miami in 1973. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, they moved to the Stuart area where Ted set up the radiology department at the new VA Hospital in West Palm Beach. They love living in a golfing community and are avidly working on reducing their handicap. Daughter Sara is married and living in Boston, son Andrew just got his master's degree from the University of Florida and will be teaching high school. Eric Wolfson '60, is spending his time recovering from a heart attack and three strokes. He reports that he's coming along okay now and we wish him the best. (ELLEN--baseball card with caption on this next one): Josef (Joey) Saloman '60, is keeping busy with his wife, two children, two grandchildren and baseball fantasy camp! Barbara Stoia '60, is living in Watertown and working for Attorney Marvin Finn in Lynn. She's looking forward to the 40th in 2000! Norman Spack '61, became clinical director of the endocrine division of Children's Hospital in Boston last May. Dr. Lawrence H. Miller '62, medical director of the Arkansas State Hospital, has been appointed medical director for the division of Mental Heath Services for the state of Arkansas. He is also a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Arkansas. He and his wife, the former Anne Knopping '64, have lived in Little Rock for the past four years. Ruth (Saloman) Dorfman '62, received the Brookline Chamber of Commerce "Citizen of the Year" award last year. Barbara Siletsky '62, is pleased to announce that she is a grandmother! Michael Turin, '91 and Lakeisha Willis '94 are the proud parents of Jordyn Alexis Turin, Class of 2016. Barbara still works at the T (behind a computer, not a train) and would love to hear from classmates about the 40th reunion.Charles S. Gilman '62, is now an agent for New York Life in Waltham, MA. Judith (Fischer) Benchaya '63, has been working at NATO headquarters on the international staff since 1986. She has two daughters, Naomi, 23 and Viviane, 18. Myrna (Wayne) Beck '63, is a school psychologist in Milford, CT. She and her husband Paul have been married for 31 years and have recently become grandparents. Sons Daniel and Jonathan are married and live in Chicago and New York, respectively. Brother Alan B. Wayne '60, is a nostalgic graduate who has attended reunions. David Felder, PhD, '63, has a Web site at, which describes role-play conflict resolution games that he developed. Hap Leven '63, is a vice president of sales for California Paint Products. He's been married 27 years to Beverly Waxman; daughter Shari got married to Stuart Glass, son of Michael '63 and Nancy Sugarman '64. Hap's other daughter graduated from the University of Maryland Business School last year. Dr. Barry L. Stern '63, is president of the New Hamsphire Medical Society. His duaghter Julie graduates from medical school this year, son Joshua coaches at Brown and was asked to coach the U.S. Olympic swim team and Jaime is a junior at Simon's Rock College of Bard. Andy Bleadon '64, is the new director of marketing, Latin America, for Albright & Wilson Americas. Ellen (Marcus) Myers '64, is pleased to say that her company, New England Cut Stone, provided the slate, bluestone and granite for D'Agostino Associates for the recent BHS renovation project. Tony Levin '64, is author of a new book, "Beyond the Bass Clef." As with his solo CDs, it's available from Papa Bear Records, 800-688-2227. Steve Karon '65, is executive director of the Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology and was recently elected president of the Science/Technology Museums of New York. Laura (Lupsewicz) Lawrence '65, will be traveling to Israel with her husband Henry and son Stephen on the family's Baha'i pilgrimage. Jim Trilling '65, reports that he has spent 19 years sailing in the Caribbean. Dr. Jack Alkon '65, notes that his wife of 26 years died in 1997, but he has been keeping busy with work and coaching the local high school wrestling team. Daughter Brooke is a sophomore at Union College. Marc R. Hillson '65, is an administrative law judge for Social Security's Office of Hearings and Appeals in Wichita, Kansas. He moved there with his wife Barbara and daughter Jennifer after 25 years working in Washington, D.C. Mark Conry '66, recently celebrated 25 years of teaching and was named to "Who's Who Among America's Teachers." Jason G. Grossman '66, just completed a two-year term as president of Temple Emeth in Brookline. Katherine (Braudis) McDonald '66, is a Registered Nurse working for a prominent plastic surgeon in Arizona for the past 16 years. She loves living in Phoenix and visits family in Boston frequently. Brother Peter Braudis '64, lives in Groton, MA and is doing well. Hi to all in the Class of '66! Katy (Fitzgerald) Sheppard '66, is the public relations coordinator for the Southern Prairie Library System in Oklahoma. Audreyjane Michelson-Newman '66, has been named coordinator of Children First Natick, a grant awarded to the town of Natick, MA, from the Department of Education. Husband Barry has taken up sports car racing, oldest daughter Melissa is working in communications and will be attending graduate school at Emerson College and youngest daughter will be a junior in college. Ellen Segal-Bevins '66, says she enjoys reading the BHS Alumni newsletter because she gets to spend a little time remembering the good old days. She has become a grandmother to Sam, who is now two years old. Ellen just finished cruising the Caribbean to Hilton Head in the family's refurbished 50-foot Sea Ray. Samuel Lazarus '68, attended a reunion of Advanced Class (1960-1964 grades 5-8 at Devotion) at the home of his fifth grade teacher Joel (and Pearl) Wolfson. He reports the event was "powerful and fabulous. Thank you, Amy!" Barbara Hadler Goodman '68, is married to Shelly Goodman and teaches Spanish in Ashland, MA. She enjoyed the Concert Choir reunion with Mr. Seymour.

Fall 1998 Newsletter

Larry Margolian '60, is living in Las Vegas, NV. He'd love to see a 40th reunion in the year 2000. Mary Anne (Mulhane) Durkee '60, has been married to William Durkee for 33 years. They have four children, one residing in Denmark with his wife and three-year-old daughter. Paul Miller '60, is married and has one son, a sophomore in college. Paul is a sales representative for Liberty Textile. Alan Rachins '60, is on the ABC show "Dharma and Greg." He has been married to Joanna Frank for 20 years. Their son, Robbie, is 16. Robert Fisher '61, is living in Larchmont, New York. Jane (Donahue) Eberwein '61, reports that Greenwood Press recently published "An Emily Dickinson Encyclopedia," which she edited. She and husband Bob both teach at Oakland University in Michigan. Leslie (Cooper) Hill '61, is working as a job developer for learning-disabled high school students after 17 years in the corporate world. She has one son and one daughter. John Lothrop '61, is living in Brooklyn, NY. He wants to know why so many of his high school friends are on the "missing" list! Ron Goldberg '62 and his wife Susan recently became first-time grandparents to Rebecca. Charles (Chick) Gilman '62, earned a "Competent Toastmaster" designation and is serving as treasurer of the Toastmaster's Club in Burlington, MA. Dick Furash '62, is a senior partner with Delatte Consulting. Dick and his wife Marge reside in Tucson and summer in Harwich on Cape Cod. They have three adult children and Angus, a Cairn Terrier. Merle (Lookner) Sidell '62, and her husband Michael Sidell '60, recently moved back to Brookline. Margery (Conley) Mars '62, and her husband Peter Mars eagerly await publication of his first book, "The Tunnel," which should be on bookshelves. Nancy (Sohn) Swartz '62, has recently written a children's book entitled "In Our Image: God's First Creatures", published by Jewish Lights. This is a story about the creation of man and woman, connected to the world of nature. She would love to hear from friends and classmates at 781-963-6932. Janice (Kohn) Danzig '63, celebrated her 31st anniversary with her husband Michael. They have two sons. She is the co-owner of a fashionable hair salon in Fort Meyers. David Aronson '63, is entering his 31st year playing summer baseball in the Yawkey League. He reports that having his two children in college is "humbling." Jennifer (Barber) Goldenson '64, is living in Pittsburgh. Her daughter is a freshman in high school. Her sister Aviva (Barber) Kaplan '66, loves living in Tampa, FL. Madeline Fine '65, and husband Manuel Perry live in Chestnut Hill. She ran her own business while daughter Callista attended Heath Elementary. Now while she continues to work both at jewelry design and in graphic design, she is looking forward to locating a position teaching art. Paul Doherty 66, reports that his daughter Jennifer got married in August. He sends his best to everyone in the class of '66. Debbie Markson '67, became grandmother to Everett Kaplan Quirk in April of 1998. Christopher Kyriakou '67 and his wife Paula Kyriakou '68 report that their youngest daughter, Caroline, graduated from BHS this year. That makes the family of four all BHS grads! Their older daughter Annie graduated in '94. Charlotte (Pincus) Wodarek '67, is a supervisor with the Michigan Family Independence Agency. She has been married to her second husband, Ron, for five years. She has two children, Jon and Kim. She reports that she is hooked on Beanie Babies! Gail Kass '68, is still making pottery with her life partner, Susan Horowitz. They have a new dog and a new addition! Bruce Franklin '68, is living in Portland, Oregon with his wife Molly Porterfield, a piano teacher. Bruce works as an environmental consultant. They have a son, Nathaniel, in second grade.

Spring 1998 Newsletter

Leonard Magazine '60 celebrated 32 years of marriage with wife Susan (Marks). Their son Richard was married in November, and their daughter is to marry in March. Leonard is still publishing Real Estats, and is expanding to more Northwestern Counties. Ina (Nesson) Rogal '60 and her husband Richard are residing in Encino, CA. Ina is an office manager and has an invitation business. They have two children. She is anxious for a return visit to Boston. Elizabeth Biller (Burack) Chapman '61 and her husband Richard Chapman live happily in Palo Alto, CA, in a 75-year old bungalow with two cats and a lovely garden. Her second book of poetry, "Backbone of Night", was recently published. She has two daughters. Jeffrey Davidow '61 is the new nominee for Ambassador to Mexico. Maryanne (Cline) Horowitz '62 published "Seeds of Virtue and Knowledge." She speaks on ecumenical themes. Her family household spent their fall 1997 sabbaticals in London near her brother Harold Cline '70. Barbara Siletsky '62 is a tax specialist for the state of Massachusetts and a board member of the BHS Alumni Association. She would love to hear from classmates at (617) 734-8504. Charles "Chick" Gilman '62 is back playing tennis at a competitive level. He made the playoffs at Tennis USA at the B level in his first year. Elinor (Stone) Ross '63 has been married for 31 years with two sons. Peter is 28 and Matthew is 25. She is the head tennis coach at Simmons College and she competed in the Maccabiah Games in July 1997. Helene (Bauer) Shamsi '64 has been married to Edmund for 24 years. They have three children. She is currently an "at home" mom with her last child, who leaves for college in three years (but who's counting?) She enjoys spending free time in Naples, FL, and Jerusalem, Israel. She welcomes faxes at (617) 969-1942. Ronald Goldman '65 is the author of "Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma-How an American Cultural Practice Affects Infants and Ultimately Us All." To order a copy, go to Ron Fischler '65 is a pediatrician in private practice in Scottsdale. He is happily married to Lory (Rosoff). He and Lory have two children; he is still active in tennis, skiing, golf and the Jewish community. Janet (Russell) Eosco '66 has three children and works part time at her husband Joe's business, Norwood Energy. Susan (Taymore) Fox '67 reports that she and her husband Roger Fox '64 became grandparents in July. Daniel A. Pitt '67 joined Bay Networks in Santa Clara, CA, as vice president and founder of Bay Architecture Lab. Harvey Cohen '69 recently composed and conducted the world premiere of Santa vs. The Snowman, featuring the voice talent of Jonathan Winters. Richard Michaelson '69 recently returned to the East Coast after five years of bi-coastal commuting. He is working as a partner in Focused Healthcare in New Jersey. He liveswith his wife and two children. Timothy Brothers '69 is a former community crime and violence prevention activist, who recently petitioned (successfully!) the US Postal service to recycle.

Fall 1997 Newsletter

Susan J. (Sagaloff) Farzin, '60, has been married for 25 years to Hasson. Her son, Bob is 19 and a freshman at University of California, Berkeley. Daughter Leah is a freshman at Upper Arlington High School in Ohio. Carol (Flato) Perlstein, '60, lived in northern California and practiced nursing for 27 years before retiring. She started her own company manufacturing chutney in Oregon in 1988. She is married to Gary, a university professor. Larry B. Margolian, '60, reports that he is happily single, drives too fast and still crazy after all these years! He is living in Las Vegas. Anita (Kravetz) Jamieson, '60, has been married for 22 years to her second (and last!) husband, John. She has been the Principal of Devine Elementary School in Randolph for five years. She reports that her mother, Ethel, is still running Irving's Toy and Card on Harvard Street in Brookline. Christine (Carroll) Joseph, '60, is living in Winchester, MA. Joseph Saloman, '60, will be celebrating his 32nd wedding anniversary with his wife, Susan. They have one son, Mark, and a daughter, Debra. They have two grandchildren, Ariel and Nick. Joseph is a regular at the Red Sox fantasy camp and an avid vacationer. Margaret (Ventre) McDougall, '61, has been a nurse at MGH in the cardiac surgery intermediate care unit for 28 years. She and her husband, Dan, have a son and a daughter. Charles "Chick" Gilman, '62, is looking for anyone interested in renewing old times. He can be reached at the following email address: Herb Paine, '63, has been appointed president and ceo of Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Irwin Heller, '63, is now the managing partner at Mintz Levin. His oldest daughter, Jennifer, is getting married in September and is living in the Coolidge Corner area. Bob Watts, '64, graduated from Boston University and has lived in Wayland since 1969. He has been married for 28 years and is very proud of his three sons. He is working for John Hancock as chief compliance officer. Ellen Joy (Marcus) Myers, '64, and her husband Bob report that they are most proud of their four grandchildren. Benjamin Isenberg, '64, reports that he sold his business (Welcome Wagon) in January 1995. The sale has enabled him to be a full-time professional volunteer working with a variety of non-profit organizations. He has two children, Cliff and Craig and is living in Germantown, TN. He would love to hear from classmates. Bruce Ambuter, '64, has been living on Cape Cod since 1975. He is currently busy with his electronics consulting business and serves on the board of directors for the Cape Technology Council. He welcomes e-mail at Buddy Fox, '64, has been married to his wife, Debbie, for 20 years. They have two sons, Cory and Andy, both in college. Buddy enjoys tutoring Mike Stacy, '64 at golf every Sunday. Ronald Goldman, '65, is a psychologist and executive director of the Circumcision Resource Center in Boston (crc@ziplink. net). Betty (Ansin) Smallwood, '65, graduated in May 1969 with a Ph.D. in Education. She is working in Washington, D.C. as a research associate at the Center For Applied Linguistics and is on the faculty at American University. She is easily reached at Linda Zoe Podbros, '65, received her doctorate in Neuropsychology in 1981 and has been working in rehabilitation since. She is married and has two children-David and Sarah. Steven Burke, '65, is looking for classmates. He can be reached at Susan (Rev) Joplin-Schneider, '65, is a Waldorf kindergarten teacher in the D.C. area. She is married with two children, Sylvia and Gabriel. Paula L. Abrams-Wilson, '66, is a harpist and plays for tea at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco. She has been married to her husband, Gary, also a harpist, for 19 years and plays with him in a harp and classical guitar ensemble. she reports that they have a family of interesting pets. She would like to hear from classmates at Jason G. Grossman, '66, is currently the president of Temple Emeth in Brookline. Nancy Jacobs, '66, died in Clearwater, FL on May 11, 1997, while awaiting an organ transplant. She is survived by her husband, Culture Matthew and two young sons, Elijah and Samuel. Dr. Martin Solomon, '66, and his wife, Betsy (Cohen) Solomon, '67, have three daughters. Lesley is married and lives in New York. Lori graduated from Cornell and Amy is off to Colby College in September. Martin is an internist and Betsy runs the practice. AudreyJane Michelson-Newman, '66, is the coordinator of Children's First Natick, a grant awarded to the town of Natick from the Department of Education. Her husband, Barry has taken up sports car racing. They have two daughters. Sam Lazarus, '68, is living in Plymouth, MA and has two children. He has been married for 20 years and is practicing law. Jonathan Dubitzky, '69, is a lawyer in Boston who lives with his wife and three children in Brookline. He would like to hear from classmates. Richard Thaler, '69, is an investment banker in NYC. He has been married for 17 years and has three daughters. He is living in Bronxville, N.Y. and has a summer home in Wellfleet on the Cape. His email address is

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